Mapping the rainfall distribution for irrigation planning in dry season at pineapple plantation, Lampung Province, Indonesia (Study case at Great Giant Pineapple Co. Ltd.)

P Cahyono, N K Astuti, Purwito and A Rahmat
Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 129, conference 1

One of the problems caused by climate change is unpredictable of the dry season. Understanding when the dry season will start is very important to plan the irrigation schedule, especially on the large plantation. Data of rainfall for 30 years in Lampung, especially in Pineapple Plantation show that dry month occurs from June to October. If in two decadals (ten days period) rainfall less than 100 mm then it is predicted that next decadal will be the dry season. Great Giant Pineapple Co. Ltd. has 32,000 hectares plantation area and located in three regencies at Lampung Province, Indonesia with varies rainfall between regions within a plantation. Therefore, monitoring the rainfall distribution by using ombrometer installed at 10 representative location points can be used to determine the irrigation period at the beginning of dry season. Mapping method using the server program and data source is from 10 monitoring rainfall stations installed at the observed points. Preparation of rainfall distribution mapping is important to know the beginning of the dry season and thus planning the irrigation. The results show that 2nd decadal of April is indicated as the starting time of the dry season, which is similar with the Indonesian government for climate agency’s result.

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Climate model and uneven precipitation distribution