Selection of Korean heat tolerant rice lines in West Java irrigated lowland agro-ecosystem

U Susanto1,2 and W R Rohaeni1
1Indonesian Center for Rice Research (ICRR) of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Street 9th, Sukamandi, Subang, West Java, Indonesia
2Corresponding Author, email:

Abstract. One condition in global climate change era is increasing of world temperature which is approaching critical point of rice plant adaptation. Thus, heat tolerant rice variety is needed. Indonesian Centre for Rice Research (ICRR) and RDA (Rural Development Administration) of Korea through ASEAN-Korean Economic Cooperatives collaborates to breed heat tolerant rice variety. In this regard, 150 BC1F5 recombinant inbred lines (RIL) along with 5 checks was tested following Augmented Design of five blocks. Transplanting was conducted at 21 days after sowing on 25 cm x 25 cm planting space in 2 m x 5 m square plots. The results showed that SR34132(41)-1-1-1 (13.00 t/ha) and SR34132(11)-1-1 -1 (11.65 t/ha) had higher yield than the best check Inpari 42 Agritan GSR (8.23 t/ha). The first line had big grain size (27.72 g) and medium productive tiller (15 tillers), while the second had more productive tiller (23 tillers) even though had low filled grain/panilce, seed set, and grain size (21.60 g). There were 69 lines having comparable yield with Inpari 42 Agritan GSR. Combining high yield with heat tolerance traits is feasible for Indonesian agro ecosystem condition. Further testing to confirm the tolerance of the lines to heat stress is needed.