Assessing soil carbon sequestration in upland rice systems using rice straw and mycorrhiza  

J Syamsiyah, B H Sunarminto, E Hanudin, J Widada and A Herawati
Published under license by IOP Publishing Ltd
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 200, conference 1

Global warming has many negative impacts, such as droughts, floods, and crop failures. Agricultural cultivation activities can capture and produce CO2. This study aims to assess the sequestration and release of carbon from the cultivation of upland rice with straw and mycorrhiza application. This field study used two factors (types of straw and levels of mycorrhiza) which were arranged in a Completely Randomized Block Design. The first factors were three types of straw (control, fresh and weathered), and the second factors were two levels of mycorrhiza. The results showed that application of straw and mycorrhiza significantly increased the C storage soil. Furthermore, the application of fresh and weathered straw incorporated with mycorrhiza increased C sequestration up to 24,449.81 kg Ha-1 and 26,631.73 kg Ha-1.

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Carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emission, recycle and reuse energy research