Factors affecting quail egg production under the changing climate at Kulonprogo Regency, Indonesia  

S Raharjo, E S Rahayu and S H Purnomo
Published under license by IOP Publishing Ltd
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 200, conference 1

Based on the results of this research, the production of quail eggs at high environmental temperatures (31-34 °C) is 10.77 % lower than those at low environmental temperatures (26-3 0°C). High environmental temperatures can reduce the production of eggs. At high environmental temperatures, more energy is needed for the regulation of body temperature instead of for the production of eggs. This present study aims at analyzing the factors affecting the production of quail eggs at Kulonprogo Regency under the weather uncertainty as a result of climate change. Employing convenience sampling, 60 respondents took part in this research. Data were analyzed through the use of Durbin Watson, Kolmogorov – Smirnov, Glejser, ANOVA, and Regression tests. The result found that the air temperature difference between day ranges (31-34 °C) and night ranges (26 – 30 °C) significantly affected the feed variable and the quail egg productivity. The IDR 1 of feed cost would increase the profit of IDR 0.96.

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