Climate change impacts on availability and vulnerability of Indonesia water resources  

H Pawitan
Published under license by IOP Publishing Ltd
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume ???, conference ?

Global climate change has been recognized as a challenging isue in the past decades and with significant impacts on many aspects of human life, especially on the availability and vulnerability on water resources. Food production requires a large portion of water demands and directly related to population that is still increasing in Indonesia. Therefore food production will have direct impacts on land and water resources with great implications on environmental degradation. Water resources development and management in Indonesia under stress in changing climate is considered still in low risk of water scarcity nationally with space-time variation, such as for Java Island and many developing urban areas already at high water stress level. Sustainability of water resources in such areas could be achieved only through trade-off and balancing the competing water demands and available supply, satisfying the law of mass conservation as a sufficiency condition. These high-risk water stress areas would need development of water storage and irrigation infrastructures and adoption of crop-water productivity strategy to improve water use efficiency for food and agricultural production and ensure water and food security of the country.

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