Climate change impact to socio-economy vulnerability in northern Java coastal area         

E Gravitiani, S N Fitriana, R Bernadina and S R Pratiwi
Published under license by IOP Publishing Ltd
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 200, conference 1

This study aims to identify the north Java coastal areas that are affected by abrasion, to presents the result in a map, and to calculate the level of socio-economic vulnerability of people in the north Java coastal areas. Abrasion in the coastal area is an impact of the uprising will affect sea level. This condition will threaten the coastal communities’ life. The research methods were geographical information system (GIS), Livelihood Vulnerability Index (LVI) and Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA). GIS needed to determine the characteristics of areas with bad climate condition. GIS basically is a special type of information system that considers the representation and manipulation of geographical realty. LVI consists of seven main components to calculate the vulnerability level. CBA used to formulate policy scenario. People in the north Java coastal areas have a high level of socio-economy vulnerability. Mitigation on abrasion needs community awareness, both of people who live there and people who sale along the beach. The government also has a responsibility to mitigate the impact of abrasion in coastal areas.

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The economic and and social elements of climate change