Middle school student’s perception of climate change at Boyolali District, Indonesia         

R P Dewi and N Khoirunisa
Published under license by IOP Publishing Ltd
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 200, conference 1

The knowledge of climate change is essential. Understanding about the causes, consequences, and also solutions is one of the main keys of knowing how far the students care about climate change issues. This research aimed to identify the middle school students’ knowledge of climate change in Boyolali district, Indonesia. The sampling technique was stratified random sampling by classifying the district. The district is classified into the urban fringe zone, urban-rural fringe zone, and rural-urban fringe zone. The sample of school was taken from each zone and the number of students is selected purposively. The data were collecting using questionnaire with parameters including the knowledge of the climate system, causes, consequences and solutions of global warming, contextual knowledge about human-caused, and practical knowledge about global warming. The result showed that students who attend school in the urban area have a higher understanding of global warming than who attend school in the rural area. 96% of students believe that global warming is happening and 35% of students understand that global warming is caused mostly by human activities.

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The economic and and social elements of climate change