Young generation’s perception on the agricultural sector

E Widiyanti, N Setyowati and D T Ardianto
Published under license by IOP Publishing Ltd
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 200, conference 1

The future agricultural sector is required not only to maximize the management of natural resources but also to manage human resources as the main actors driving and maintaining its existence amid the decreasing interest of the young generation in the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector is prone to high uncertainty due to global climate change. This research sought to identify young generation’s perception on the agricultural sector. This study was a descriptive research using survey on 120 farmers’ children (called as Taruna Tani) in Sragen Regency, Indonesia with direct interview through questionnaires as primary data. The results showed that most youths had fairly good perceptions in terms of income, social status, and work convenience in the agricultural sector, but not in terms of career development and warranty of future life. The youth concerned with the lack of careers and warranty of future life if they work in the agricultural sector. However, today’s young generations are very potential to be prepared for being the human resources to develop agricultural development in the future. Therefore, some efforts are needed to encourage the youths to work in the agricultural sector through socializing and educating them about agriculture and introducing technology and cultivation innovations to anticipate the impacts of climate change on the agricultural sector.

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